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Authentic Rolex Watches Suits Your Lifestyle

Rolex is world renowned high quality luxury wristwatch brand which has been a pre-eminent symbol of perfection, performance and prestige for over 100 years now. Known for its invincible craftsmanship and technical master class, Rolex timepieces have attained the pinnacle of quality timekeeping. These watches have been regarded as the status symbols and is the largest single luxury watch brand producing over 2000 watches per day. It was founded in 1905 in London, UK by founder Hans Wilsdorf & his brother-in-law Alfred Davis and has its company headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
Known for its precision, elegance and high cost of thousands of US $, Rolex has been widely accepted and liked by millions of people across Canada and world. Rolex Watches Canada & Rolex watches Toronto are the prime choice of many people across the country. Rolex has contributed a lot in the era of several international sporting mega events. Whether they are veteran actors or musicians or sports persons, Rolex watches are one of their favourites and all wear it proudly. If you own a Rolex, means you own a part of history. Rolex has achieved world class milestones before any other watch brand and has set standards for the watches to come. So be a proud owner of the Rolex family of world class, precise, graceful and perfection timed Rolex watches and feel extraordinary. Whether you are a busy corporate or a sport star, a business man or a military officer, Rolex has just the right time piece for your wrist, which will not dilute its standards whatever situations might come. The Rolex technology has always been innovative with times, and showcases its superlative quality with automatic movements, Quartz movements, water resistant cases, certified chronometers and varied collections suitable for the extremes of deep-sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation.
Another big name in Watch industry is the Omega watches, which draws its parentage form the swatch group. One of the most well known brands in the world, Omega watches has touched various historic landmarks like, First watch on the moon by Neil Armstrong, official timekeeper of Olympic Games and has been worn by numerous historic celebrities.
There are many dealer ships and companies in Canada which sell Omega Watches Canada through the official website and its company stores in major cities. So if you are a luxury watch lover of Canada Watches Online, then Rolex and Omega watches are the best timepiece for your lifestyle.